Our skilled craftsmen’s can deal with most of your precious metal jewellery repair requirements made with Silver, Gold and Platinum. We run a weekly repair service, from Monday to Saturday. However, some repairs may take longer based on the work to be done. You can submit your jewellery with the repair requirements in store any time. If you wish we will let you know the exact repair charge before we process the work.  Some of the common jobs we undertake:



Ring size adjustments can be done in Silver, 9 Carat, 18 Carat or any other Carat Gold, and in Platinum. (Please note that some platinum rings occasionally leave re sizing mark on the bottom shank)

Price Guideline:

Ring Re-Sizing Down ~ Platinum         From ~ £25.00*

Ring Re-Sizing Down ~ Gold                 From ~ £18.00*

Ring Re-Sizing Down ~ Silver              From ~ £18.00*


Ring Re-Sizing up ~ Platinum              From ~ £40.00*

Ring Re-Sizing up ~ Gold                      From ~ £35.00*

Ring Re-Sizing up ~ Silver                    From ~ £25.00*


Ring Shank Repair                                  From ~ £20.00*

Ring New Shank ~ 9ct Gold                  From ~ £125.00*

Ring New Shank ~ 18ct Gold                From ~ £215.00*


Ring Claw Re-Tipping  ~ 9ct Gold         From ~ £18.00*

Ring Claw Re-Tipping  ~ 18ct Gold       From ~ £20.00*

Ring Claw Re-Tipping  ~ Platinum        From ~ £25.00*

Ring Stone Re setting                             From ~ £15.00*




Give a Brand New look to your existing jewellery on your anniversary or a special occasion. Our MOT service can give an extra glitter to your jewellery to preserve them for extra long life. This service includes checking the stone setting and other technical aesthetics.

Price Guideline:

Ring MOT ~ Clean & Polishing                                         From ~ £20.00*

Ring MOTClean Polishing & Rhodium plating          From ~ £35.00*

Satin / Brush / Scrached Finish                                      From £15.00 *

Gold Plating                                                                         From £25.00 *

Rhodium Plating                                                                 From £20.00 *




A new charm to be added to your existing bracelet OR re- arrange the position, OR a broken chain to be re-joined, our craftsmen will be happy to help you with your any special soldering requirements in Silver or Gold.

Price Guideline  for Bracelets:

Soldering a Charm/Jump ring  ~Silver         From ~ £8.00*

Soldering a Charm/Jump ring  ~9ct Gold     From ~ £12.00*


Supply soldered Safety Chain ~Silver           From ~ £18.00*

Supply soldered Safety Chain ~9ct Gold      From ~ £35.00*


Repair Trace/Curb/Figaro Chain                     From ~ £8.00*

Repair Box/Snake/Fox Chain                           From ~ £10.00*

Repair Rope Chain                                             From ~ £12.00*


Jump Ring soldering on a Chain ~ Silver          From ~ £12.00*

Jump Ring soldering on a Chain ~ 9 Ct Gold   From ~ £12.00*


Supply + soldering bolt ring ~ 5mm Silver    From ~ £12.00*

Supply + soldering bolt ring ~ 6mm Silver    From ~ £12.00*

Supply + soldering bolt ring ~ 7mm Silver    From ~ £12.00*


Supply + soldering bolt ring ~ 5mm 9ct Gold            From ~ £18.00*

Supply + soldering bolt ring ~ 6mm 9ct Gold            From ~ £20.00*

Supply + soldering bolt ring ~ 7mm 9ct Gold            From ~ £25.00*


Supply + solderingLever Clasp ~ 9mm Silver        From ~ £12.00*

Supply + solderingLever Clasp ~ 11mm Silver      From ~ £14.00*

Supply + solderingLever Clasp ~ 13mm Silver      From ~ £18.00*


Supply + solderingLever Clasp ~ 8mm 9ct Gold     From ~ £35.00*

Supply + solderingLever Clasp ~11mm 9ct Gold   From ~ £45.00*

Supply + solderingLever Clasp ~14mm 9ct Gold   From ~ £90.00*


Price Guideline  for Brooches:

Metal Pin ~ Silver                         From ~ £12.00*

New Metal Pin ~ 9ct Gold           From ~ £55.00*

Safety Catch ~ Silver                  From ~ £15.00*

Safety Catch ~ 9ct Gold             From ~ £30.00*

Hinge ~ Silver                               From ~ £12.00*

Hinge ~ 9ct Gold                           From ~ £25.00*

Soldering Safety Chain ~ Silver            From ~ £18.00*

Soldering Safety Chain ~ 9ct Gold       From ~ £65.00*




We can restring pearl necklaces and other beaded jewellery 

Re- Stringing for Round Corals, Amber, Cultured or Fresh Water Pearls, Gem Stones, Crystals, Costume Jewllery


Uniform  beads, plain string        From  £25.00 for 18 inch thereafter £1.4 per inch

Uniform  beads, Knotted string  From  £39.00 for 18 inch thereafter £2.15 per inch


Graduated beads, plain string   From  £30.00 for 18 inch thereafter £1.65 per inch

Graduated beads, Knotted string From  £44.00 for 18 inch thereafter £2.45 per inch


Re- Stringing for Finely Pierced Natural/ Sea Water Pearls, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires

Plain string                            From  £48.00 for 18 inch thereafter £2.65 per inch

Knotted string                      From  £72.00  for 18 inch thereafter £4.00 per inch


Re- Stringing for Natural Seed Pearls (less than 2MM size Pearls)

Plain string                            From  £72.00 for 18 inch thereafter £4.00 per inch

Knotted string                       From  £88.00 for 18 inch thereafter £4.85 per inch


Re- Stringing for Flakes, Chips, & Twigs of Stones or Coral

Plain string                           From  £34.00 for 18 inch thereafter £1.88 per inch

Knotted string                      From  £56.00 for 18 inch thereafter £3.12 per inch


Re- Stringing for 7 1/2 to 8 Inch Bracelets: 3/4 th of above prices (75%)




Let’s give a personal touch to your jewellery by engraving a special message on it, It will be even nice to wear jewellery with your name or a memorable date on it, and it will be wonderful, if you wear your wedding ring with your partners name or the wedding date on it.

Price Guideline:

Per 10 Letters                                       From  £45.00*

Per letter thereafter                             From  £.1.40 *           

All engraving over 12 Font size must be quoted designs are available upon quotation



We can  do watch bracelet length adjustement on metal bracelet watches with hinge and pin joints.

Watch Bracelet adjustments From  £7.00*


*All prices are guidelines, these prices may change depend on the nature of work.

We recommend you to get an estimate before processing the job.