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          Autumn and May recognize the importance of information privacy. We believe that privacy is a fact of trust than an issue of compliance. We always strive to respect and protect your personal information in accordance with our commitment to an outstanding customer service policy.

          To help us provide the best service, we may collect and maintain certain information regarding, for example, the products you purchase, and your billing and delivery information. However, we protect and enforce the confidentiality of this information very strictly, and under no circumstances will we sell, rent, or handover it to other parties or organisations. We respect and understand your privacy and do the very best to honor the trust you keep on us.

          At present, we send emails to customers in relation with a purchase or its proceeding communication or who have asked us to send them newsletter or information about our products and services. If you have asked for an informative e mail or newsletter in the past, but have now changed your mind, just email us on info@autumnandmay.co.uk and let us know. We will remove your details from our emailing list.