We know you love something truly special....!

A Magical piece.., completely unique for your personality and style...

We believe in Art and the power of contemporary Fashion.., we love to work with you to create your own bespoke Jewellery. It could be an idea, a day dream, a memory you cherish, a memento, a picture, or something you seen on magazine or online or even a scribble drawing.

Plan for a Truly unique Engagement Ring, an anniversary Gift, or a Milestore presant.....

Let’s discuss it together and we will create a master piece for you...

Autumn and May have an in-house team of talented and creative designers with great technical knowhow and expertise in Bespoke Jewellery Designing and Making.

They will come up with a Drawing and discuss the possibilities, any of your feedback will taken on board and then finalise the design for 3D Modelling to Crafting stage.

We will advise you on Diamonds, Gemstones and other Materials to help you to select the right one for the design. If you wish you will have a chance to see the Gems before we mount into the Jewellery.

So make it happen, send your ideas in the below form; brief your design concepts and thoughts, add a photo, scanned image, or a rough scribble drawing.

We love your imagination and the possibilities are endless..!



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